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Kilometre’s video section introducing genuine and interesting people from all over the world, of all professions, who share their passion for travel and discovery. In each video, the featured person answers 3 specific questions, inviting everyone to tickle their brain, as well. Come join us. Why not become part of our GPS community?

Charles Pennequin

Poet Synopsis: He could remain silent. He is very afraid of loosing his texts when travelling. His next destination : reading his texts in public. From: Piacé

Odile de Frayssinet

Sculptor. You cannot escape living what you are meant to live. She doesn’t have any travel habits. She doesn’t want to plan any travel. She looks for things that can develop her skills as a sculptor. From: Château de Vénéjean

Designer. She would go very far only if she travels with the people she loves. She is always stressed when travelling, and constantly checks her itinerary to make sure hasn’t forgotten anything.

Marie-Josée Justamont

Director of Festival les Suds. She is not a traveler by nature but it’s her work. She loves visiting local supermarkets and bringing something back while gaining a vision of the daily life in the city.

François Curlet

He would walk to the end of the street that leads to the church in Piacé. He never travels by plane without taking a Xanax. He’s been working on a film for 4-5 years, this is a “real” trip.

Nadège Winter

No limits, she just goes with the flow. She hates planning. She always carries with her a little perfume to remind her of home. Next destination is going into silence, to relax and recharge.

Alexandre Gauthier

Celebrity chef. He wants to carry on with his own cuisine d’auteur. He is a believer and always carries a rosary with him when travelling. Next on his list - opening a third restaurant.

Anémone Anthon

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