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Seeing Paris in a New Way

More than just a guidebook, The New Paris portrays the city of light in a way that has never been done before. The author, Lindsey Tramuta, has created a thoughtful cultural study from the perspective of a foreigner that includes recommendations to help one navigate modern Paris. After moving to Paris from Philadelphia, Tramuta faced some difficulties with being an American expat and thus created the blog, “Lost in Cheeseland” to help cope with her new life. This blog grew and eventually led to the creation of The New Paris; an accumulation of Tramuta’s discoveries of her newfound home and her observation of the evolution taking place in this city during the last decade.

In a city known for tradition and clichés with its Haussmann architecture, cafés on every corner and the idea that everyone has a view of the Eiffel Tower, Tramuta eliminates those misconceptions by presenting the reader with new movements of all areas currently unfolding in Paris. These movements cover everything from food and dining, cocktails, coffee, shopping and less touristic must-see places and spaces. These evolutions taking place are creating a more creative, contemporary and vibrant Paris as is evident in Tramuta’s book through her writing and stunning photos. Trumata writes about her offbeat discoveries that differ from the conventional Paris activities. She enlightens the reader with new and exciting things to discover in Paris such as the Canal Saint-Martin, an alternative to the classic Seine river, located in a bohemian up-and-coming neighborhood. She also mentions Café Loustic (40 Rue Chapon, 75003), which she has been a frequent patron of since their opening four years ago as well as Fou de Pâtisserie (45 Rue Montorgueil, 75002), a shop that even true Parisians have yet to discover.

In addition to the presentation of the developing aspects of the city of Paris, Trumata also shines a light on the people who are creating this new Paris as she welcomes local experts to share their knowledge on their specialties within each movement. Whether you are a native Parisian or dream of visiting the city one day, you will certainly be able to explore and learn about the unfamiliar and modern version of a beloved old city with Trumata’s The New Paris.

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