RUE SAINT JOSEPH, GORÉE, SENEGAL 5.436KM from where you are


Club des Voyageurs is an exclusive collection of 19th-century antique pieces on which we have asked famous architects, and designers to document their travel. From the Marseille of Orairo to the Lisbon of Christian Louboutin.


This piece is designed by Ondine Saglio, the founder and director of CSAO, a non-profit association promoting African craftsmanship. Ondine is in love with Africa, in particular, Sénégal which is where she was born. Saglio now lives in Paris and visits Africa four times a year.


Depicted on this garment is a window onto the memory from the 18th to the 19th century of the slave trade in the island of Goree. The now capital Dakar is beautiful and Saglio knows this place for the delicate fragrance of its crops. She describes this creation as a “beautiful life” and a “Good voyage” where the adventures begin. . .


The adventure in this garment starts on the back of her dress with the wings of the birds to call the wind and the spirits. Surrounding the bottom of the dress are the patterns from ritual masks and ceremonies to summon the power of ancestors.

Africa has long been an inspiration to artists and designers, but for Ondine Saglio, it is more than a distant continent.


DESCRIPTION 19th century 100% cotton vintage shirt, hand-embroidered in Mexico.

20% of the profits from the designs of Kilometre’s Club des Voyageurs are donated to the Zellidja Foundation, an organization that makes traveling and experiencing the world possible for the next generation. These voyages require autonomy and strength, upon return the participants are prepared to transform the world.


GOODIES All Kilometre products come with a passport (a travel map matching the destination of the product + product map about the brand and its history) and a “second skin”.


All Kilometre products are hand-woven and hand-embroidered; similar to the techniques used to create haute couture. This shirt is made especially for you, so please don’t expect the same production times as fast fashion.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each Kilometre product is created specially for you, therefore it can take from one to three months to produce and to be delivered.
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"Journeys end in lovers meeting."

- William Shakespeare