Soumaya & Jumex, Plaza Carso, Mexico

Soumaya & Jumex, Plaza Carso, Mexico 5.436KM from where you are


The Museum Soumaya looks like a giant silver anvil, and houses an extensive collection of historic documents, coins, religious relics, and Rodin sculpture. The Jumex museum houses an inspiring collection of contemporary art, from Andy Warhol to Olafur Eliasson.


DESCRIPTION 100% cotton black button up shirt. Hand embroidered in India.


GOODIES All Kilometre products come with a passport (a travel guide matching the destination of the product + booklet about the brand and its history) and a “second skin”.


All Kilometre products are hand-made; similar to the techniques used to create haute couture. This shirt is made especially for you, so please don’t expect the same production times as fast fashion.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each Kilometre product is created specially for you, therefore it can take from one to three months to produce and to be delivered.
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"Journeys end in lovers meeting."

- William Shakespeare