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100% silk scarf_help to restoration of the Queen's Hamlet in Versailles_Kilometre Paris

Join the great reconstruction of the Queen's Hamlet in Château de Versailles with an exclusive hand-embroidered silk scarf designed by Kilometre Paris


Since its beginning Kilometre Paris has been praising unexpected and enchanting off-road landscapes by embroidering its GPS coordinates on unique pieces of craftsmanship.

In 2020 the centre of attention is Marie-Antoinette's country shelter at 48° 49’ 9’’ N2° 6’ 46’’ E, the Queen's Hamlet, Château de Versailles, France.

Hand embroidered, these coordinates indicate the exact location of the Marlborough Tower. 

The history and intimacy of this secret world inspired Alexandra Senes, a designer at Kilometre Paris and drove her to pay a tribute to the imagination and fantasies of Marie-Antoinette.

Alexandra dedicated a unique and elegant silk scarf to the memory of the Queen with ornaments and motifs inspired by the architecture and topography of the location. 

The design presents the famous Marlborough Tower sitting on the rocks, its shape unmistakably evocative of a lighthouse with its wrought-iron staircase, the Queen's boudoir, the surrounding thatched cottages and the silhouette of a coach racing at full speed along the alleys in the royal park. 

Profits from the sale of this scarf will help in the restoration of the Chateau de Versailles and its Estate.
This 130 x 130 silk square can be worn around your neck, at the waist, as a lavaliere, a bustier, a dress, tied around the head, or even wilder. Embrace your creativity.
Awake the Marie-Antoinette in you!


Kingsize 100% silk scarf_Hameau de la Reine by Kilometre Paris

The scarf will soon be presented at the Palace of Versailles in the Librairie des Princes book and gift store and in the Grand Trianon boutique.

130cm x 130cm, 100% silk. Versailles in Designed by hand in Paris, France. Manufactured and embroidered with hand-rolled edges in Como, Italy.


Profits from the sale of this scarf will help in the restoration of the Chateau de Versailles and its Estate.

Delivery or Pick up: from 25 November 2020

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